Israeli paddlers visit

In July Iliya Podpolny (best Israeli senior paddler at the moment) joined team Training in Paradise to attend through us a 2 week training camp with the Slovenian and Swiss national junior and U23 national teams who were training in Pusiano (Italy) for the Junior and U23 World championships in Canada. Iliya and his coach got a lot of new experiences with us, a lot of hard training and feedback for the future (especially after the sessions with Rene Holten Poulsen who was also present in Pusiano).

Iliya Podpolny
Ron Benjano

Later in the summer young and promising paddler Ron Benjano from Tel Aviv came to Training in Paradise to train with our local team. He arrived to Slovenia from a series of long distance races in Spain and stayed for a week. As he is still very young his main goal was to collect experience, do some quality sessions with us, work on technique, try the wild water paddling and visit all our three lakes.

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