RSP is one of the world’s leading brands of inertial machines for high performance sports. Designed and produced in Spain, it is designed to be super smooth and highly adaptable to the specifics of a sport. The Kayak model was designed for development of stroke strength and power in cooperation with the Spanish K4 500 World Champion crew.



The RSP Kayak is a complete sprint kayak setup, including a footrest and Nelo seat, that provides a super smooth and specific feel during use. The additional weight of the disc replicates the real stroke as closely as possible, making it incredibly smooth, stable, and heavy-duty. This is the Rolls-Royce of inertial machines for kayaking.


The Conic model’s conic axis allows for rapid acceleration during the concentric phaseand an aggressive response during the eccentric phase. This results in high power demands from the athlete, with a sensation of pulling that is incredibly similar to that of pulling in water. Upgrading the model with an RSP encoder provides instant feedback.


The Wall Model is an exceptional, cost-effective solution that is small in size, making it accessible and suitable for any gym, camp, or competition use. Its fixed-radius axis and smaller size, make it ideal for upper-body exercises.



  • The most popular set up for kayakers
  • Perfect for High Performance teams
  • Designed to improve the ability of the athlete to apply force
  • Adjustment of the moment of inertia through the weights integrated in the disc, with three training positions
  • Adjustable foot position and pulling height to suit each individual athlete
  • Weight: 40kg


  • Excellent choice for high-performance athletes during gym workouts, as well as during camps and competitions using the portable mount kit
  • Designed for precise upper and lower body movements
  • Adjustment of the acceleration through the axis radius
  • Adjustment of the inertia through the weighted discs, each weight represents 10% of the moment of inertia
  • Adjustment of the height of the rope output
  • Additional application in many general strength exercises
  • Weight: 14kg


  • Great option for clubs
  • Designed to improve the capacity of acceleration and braking in the actions of pulling and pushing of the upper body
  • 1×2 transmission that increases the tension during the execution of the movement
  • Adjustment of the inertia through the weighted discs, each weight represents 10% of the moment of inertia
  • Height adjustment on the ropes’ output
  • Possibility of having a vertical rope
  • Additional application in many general strength exercises
  • Weight: 5.5kg


Robert Stott
Head Coach Richmond Hill Canoe Club
Former Canadian National team coach

I can’t recommend the RPS machine enough. It is such a versatile machine: add a shaft and its kayak exercise! For one-third the price of a CATCH FORCE we derive similar benefits. But remove the shaft and add handles and there are many diverse exercises you can perform: pushing, pressing, rotating and so on. Less experienced athletes can learn to handle eccentric forces in a safe manner so it’s great for youth development and high Performance.

Nils Olav Fjeldheim
Norwegian Junior National Team Coach
Olympic Bronze medalist, 2004

The RSP Wall and RSP Conic have become an important tool in our training. We already see good results with some of the athletes and I find these machines the best we have tried for this type of training!

Matthias Krähenbühl
Head Coach Sprint Canoeing
National High Performance Center, Rapperswill, Switzerland

We are using the RSP inertia wheels regularly in our training routine to work on technical details as well as a great tool in various gym sessions. We as coaches really see a difference and athletes really like to work with them!



The Portable Mount Kit is an aluminium frame that enables you to transport your RSP machine to training camps, competitions, or any other locations where you may use it. It allows you to easily mount it to almost any structure, such as other gym equipment, ladders, trees, car bumper plates, or boat racks.

Dimensions: 66,8 x 21 x 3 cm.

Squat Rack Mount

The Squat Rack Mount enables you to quickly mount your RSP machine to any model of squat rack in your gym.



The RSP encoder is a digital feedback system that can be mounted on your Conic unit to provide athletes and coaches with instant feedback and data collection options. It measures training performance in real time via a data connection (Bluetooth technology) with the RSP APP. Performance is measured in watts and cycles and users can save their workouts and consult their own data at any time.

The APP includes preset sessions for each of the 3 machines, and connecting to the hardware terminal is super easy. The Encoder is also fully compatible with the sports software SmartCoach, and users can monitor their data on their smartphone or tablet using the APP or on their PC with SmartCoach. The accompanying web platform allows coaches to easily compare athletes and view exercise history in detail.


The official RSP distributor for the Paddling Community, TiP not only sells RSP products to our clients, but we also offer consulting on how to properly use the equipment, and the whole methodology for your flywheel (inertial) training. Serving as a bridge between the RSP company and TiP’s main mission, we offer a complete training solution for sprint paddlers; from technique, training and strength & conditioning programs, to consulting and live clinics.

When you order the RSP products from us, you get:

  • A free video call with our team before you order – so you choose the models, specs and accessories that will best suit your needs
  • A free video consultation with our team after you receive your machines – so we help you set up the machine, prepare it for use and choose the correct methods and loads for your athletes
  • Discount for returning clients, bulk orders and HP athletes/programs.


1. Check the models
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2. Contact Us
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3. Payment details
You will receive your order quote and payment details by email
4. Confirmation
Once your payment has been been completed you will receive your order confirmation and expected delivery time by email
5. Delivery
The unit will be delivered to your door by courier within a few days directly from the RSP factory
6. Video Consultation
Book a free video consultation with our team to help you with setting up the machine, the general use and the methodology to get the best out of our equipment


Flywheel training results in numerous and varied improvements in muscles, tendons and other connective tissue. Improvements in strength, hypertrophy, muscle activation, muscle length, tendon stiffness, power, and athletically relevant performance have all been scientifically researched and documented in many sports. Besides this at TiP we believe flywheel training has the following main uses in canoeing training:

  • Stabilisation of the shoulder and mobilisation of the hip (resulting in better application of the ‘block’ concept in the stroke)
  • Awareness of the correct way of creating and applying inertia in stroke mechanics (or simply put, how to use body rotation the way champions do)
  • Development of specific strength (to complement your general strength development)
  • Technical training and motor patterning (RSP machines are designed to be adapted to your own gym setup and be used in a sport-specific way)


RSP Encoder APP Guide

Kayak model – Spanish K4

Conic: specific strength – Walz

Conic: one-arm rotations

Conic: applications for general strength

Wall model example exercise

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