Sprint Paddling Phenomena explained (part 3 – manage your boat)

Today we continue our Friday technical blog with the next part of ‘Sprint Paddling Phenomena explained’ series. A while back in the first part of the series we described The Basic Sprint Kayaking technique. In the second part of the series, we had an introduction to the Meta-technique for Sprint Kayaking. In the third part of the series, we described the first group of phenomena regarding the meta-technique in sprint kayaking – the phenomena regarding your paddle.

Today it is time for the fourth part of this series and the explanation of the meta-technique phenomena regarding the motions of the boat (download from here). 

The motion of the boat represents the cornerstone of all athletic movement in watersports (A.Pace, 2017). As such, it is the most important and sensitive element in the Meta-technique evaluations (A.Pace, 2017). In a training process or a technique optimization situation, we should always start optimizing the elements of boat motions first and address the interaction with water and force transmission only after this.

This weekend there is the Senior Sprint Canoe World Championships going on in Portugal (watch live from here). Watch the best athletes in the world flying down the course in Montemor-o-Velho and study them. We are looking forward to seeing your comments below this post to tell us how many of the phenomena we are writing about in this series you could spot in the athletes competing in Portugal!

Find the complete .pdf article here: Meta-technique in sprint kayaking (Part 2 – Managing your Boat)


Photo credit: Stephen Orlando, designboom.com



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