The Basic sprint kayaking technique

What do we teach to a kayak beginner? And to what do champions turn to in training when they feel something is not ok in their form? They both go back to basics. Because the basics is where everything starts and everything can break.

In today’s technical article we write about the basic kayaking technique. Why are the lessons we teach to beginners also the cornerstones on which we insist on with advanced paddlers?

This is our short checklist for Basic Kayak Technique:

  • The four stroke phases
  • Posture in the boat and alignment
  • The workspace
  • Balance 
  • Basic legwork and rotation
  • Coordination of movements in the boat
  • The feel for boat glide
  • The paddle grip in the water
  • Breathing
  • Rhythm

If you want to learn more, download today’s article and learn more!

Kayaking technique


Former NZL head coach René Cummerou Olsen working on some Basic Technique details with a member of the NZL woman K4 crew member. This K4 reached the WCH final and qualified for the Rio Olympics 1 week after this photo was taken.

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