Paddling clinic for a Danish Viking

In July we had the pleasure to welcome Kent Klitgaard on Lake Bled. Kent is a PhD student and research assistant at Aalborg Universitet in Denmark. He visited us for a technique clinic to improve his paddling skills.

Kent knows a ton about sport and paddling and has been competing in a sprint boat since his childhood. Still, he was looking for some advice on how to improve his technique. So for us, it was first about finding together what would his own ideal stroke look and feel like. Then it was about finding the best way of changing his existing patterns into the patterns he should use to paddle faster.

Kent has taken time to read and understand our documents about technique before arriving. So we could jump straight into some balance, mobility and movement control drills in the boat. After that it was time for those little tweaks to his technique we believe can make a real difference in his paddling speed. In the end, we did a few short sprint time trials to find out what are the speeds, stroke rates and distances per stroke Kent could use to further improve his paddling at home.

You never know with the Vikings, but we believe he left feeling fast and happy 💪💪💪🇩🇰 🇩🇰 🇩🇰

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