Tennis player paddling in Paradise

Blaž Kavčič is probably the best Slovenian tennis player (Olympian from London and first Slovenian to get inside top 100 on the ATP ranking). After playing a hard match with Novak Đokovič in Roland Garros they decided with his strenght&conditioning coach Klemen Jakše (Training in Paradise team) it was time for a bit of change of environment from the usual tennis courts.

Blaž visited Training in Paradise area to learn some wild water kayaking, experience the beauty of our rivers and find the needed resilience before starting training for the London Olympics. Not surprisingly for a tennis player he was quick to learn the basics of paddling on moving water. He paddled down the Bača river into the Idrijca river, continued down the Idrijca river untill the confluence with the Soča river and had the last stretch of paddling up the Soča river and across lake Most na Soči to finish the kayak trip at the local kayak club (KKSE).

It was an honor for team Training in Paradise to host him and we believe a great experience for Blaž himself!


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