Training in Paradise and London Olympics

In London there were 2 boats from the Training in Paradise area competing with the highest of goals.

Slalom C2 guys Luka Božič and Sašo Taljat were sure able to reach the final and with a great run they would have been in medal contention! At the end they didn’t perform just as well as they were able to and finished a respectable 8th. Just one touch to much and they were not able to race in the final and have a real run for Olympic gold.

Luka Špik and Iztok Čop were legends before going to London already. They are former 3 times double scull world champs, Olympic champs from Sydney and hugely experienced of course. But the last few seasons were not as good as they accustomed us to. They were struggling with form and sometimes they were even missing the finals witch was unprecedented for this awesome crew used to crash any existing competition. Even the 2012 season was far from ideal. But champions are champions and they perform their best when it matters the most. So they did in London. They straight forwardly reached the final and there they rowed for gold. Attacking from the start and leading for most of the race. Only in the final part the Italian and New Zealand crews passed them. It meant Olympic bronze medal for this formidable duo on a Games were many believed that even a final for them would be a great success. Luka Špik is still young enough for some more Olympic rowing in the future while Iztok Čop could now retire at the age of 40 with his 4th Olympic medal and a status of role model and national hero!

Check how the slalom duo from Most na Soči was preparing for London in Training Paradise:

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