An amazing training camps season for TiP

It’s almost a wrap the 2019 season for us. With only the Canoeing Olympic Hopes competition in Bratislava and the Canoeing Marathon Worlds in China to go, we are already looking backward to an amazing season for our team and looking forward to planning an even better Olympic 2020 season!

On the training camps front, we have offered either a complete coverage, logistic assistance with accommodation and training facilities or simply just providing electric coaching boats to a variety of big and small teams. The range was from individuals to College rowing teams, smaller sized national teams and all the way up to Olympic teams such as the NZL rowing team and the NZL canoeing teams. Particularly proud of the 21 athletes strong NZL Olympic rowing team who have spent here 6 weeks preparing for the World Championships and came up on top of the World Champs medal table!

The 2019 world champion boats who trained on  lake Bohinj this summer are:

NZL womens rowing 8 Lake Bohinj
The NZL women’s eight preparing for a session on lake Bohinj, a week before they became the 2019 Senior World Champions. (📷: Team TiP)

…In addition on the lake this year you could spot also: the evergreen Kiwi champion Emma Twigg who won silver in the heavyweight single 1x at the world rowing championships in Linz and the Slovenian K2 double of Anja Osterman – Špela Ponomarenko Janić winning a silver and a bronze at the canoeing world championships in Szeged.

Some Instagram pics & video from our Training Camp guests

Crystal clear water awaiting for these NZL; SLO and AUT ladies every morning. (📷: Kayla Imrie)

Lisa loving her early morning paddles on lake Bohinj! (📷: Lisa Carrington)

Caitlin Ryan flying across lake Bohinj.  (📷: Caitlin Ryan)

Radley College visiting us in April for the second year in a row. (📷: RCBC)

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