Visiting the Chinese women’s Olympic kayak team

We just had the honour to meet with the Chinese women Olympic kayak team again. After being a small part in their successful 2019 season where they qualified all the possible 6 places in the women kayak category for Tokyo, we are now looking to continue our cooperation to bring these ladies to the Games in Japan in the best possible shape.

This time we met the team in Montebello, the largest Nelo kayak’s training center, where the team found amazing training options for a 4 months long stay. After a presentation for coaches about TiP’s technical training concepts we had the chance to perform some water training tests again, watch the training of the kayak men team and the incredibly successful men and women canoe teams (8 of these athletes have a gold medal from the 2019 world championships!) and assist in some physical testing (witnessing some amazing performances!).

Our technique testing and assessment went well and we were able to collect lots of very useful data. Happy to report that the comparison with our June test could show as great improvements and also provided us with lots of practical feedback for training. So what followed was 2 very interesting days of working with the girls and with the representatives of RSP Inertial Performance to craft individual training protocols for technical, postural and strength/power sessions. Most of these protocols being performed on special strength setups and using flywheel equipment.

Never stop learning – never stop sharing – never stop growing!

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