Testing new gadgets

During January in TP we tend to paddle less than the rest of the year and focus more on conditioning – especially going really hard in the gym and extra long on the xc-skis.

But we got the chance to test a new gadget and sure we were there first thing in the morning for a test of what it can offer to us and to see how it can help our athletes.

We were testing on lake Bled, always a perfect setting for tests on the water. We tested a new telemetry sistem from BioRow and met its mastermind dr. Valery Kletchnev.

All in all a very versatile gadget with a lot of possibilities and able to measure many parameters in real time. Also the software seems very useful and friendly. But as it often happens with technology you end up with a lot of data and not being able to process it properly or pinpoint the most important part of it easily.

Probably though this telemetry system can help us in future to double check the results of the efficiency and power tests we are already doing!

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