Stretching Posters

For those of you who don’t mind the text in Slovenian, here are some posters with stretching routines for paddlers. Top Slovenian wild water paddlers volunteered to pose for us. And acclaimed sports photographer Lenart Zore did the photo shoot with them.

There is Eva Terčelj (double U23 European champion in K1 slalom) on the poster for the stretching routine aimed at helping with recovery. Multiple world champion and overall world cup winner in downriver Nejc Žnidarčič posed for the relaxing stretching routine . And double world and European champion in slalom Peter Kauzer is demonstrating a whole body stretching routine. There is a lot more than stretching a paddler can do to help speed the recovery, maintain the necessary range of motion and prevent injury.  But knowing the appropriate stretching exercises is a good start especially for younger ones.

Download the posters from HERE.

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