We would like to share with you new training methods, coaching tools and so many more paddling goodies

Dear readers!

As you might know TiP team is working on much more than just providing the organization, logistics and 24/7 assistance for your perfect training camps in Paradise. With our team of professionals we are working every day on developing new training methods, designing new coaching tools, improving our technique analysis and optimization systems.

TiP team believes we are now ready to share some of this knowledge with you: those of you who have already stayed with us, those of you who are thinking about it and also the ones who are simply looking for usefull and effective knowledge to boost your paddling performance.

In 2018 we will share on our blog pearls of knowledge for you to use and implement it in your training. Every Friday we will post an article on our blog addressing various themes from canoeing training to performance optimization and technique.

The blog article itself will be short and easy to understand for everyone, but will be accompanied by a downloadable .pdf document with a specific coaching tool or advice, paddling technique explanation or other kind of goodie meant to help you grow as an athlete or coach!

The first 2 blogs will discuss athlete self evaluation and ways of determining your realistic paddling ability (helping you get an objective picture of where are you standing). Later on a few articles in February will focus on dryland conditioning for paddlers (fits with the winter period).

From March on we will start a series of articles about understanding, evaluating and optimizing paddling technique (as the most important piece of the puzzle you address in early spring time).

Follow us on this exciting journey!

Cheers from Paradise,


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