Training Intensity Zones for sprint kayakers

We thought end of February is time for everyone to start gearing up for the paddling season no matter how cold is still outside.

Where best to start than with a sprint canoeing Training Intensity Table. You can find the table in our Training Zones Guide, on the Free Resources page.

Training intensity zones are important for more than one reason:

  • They give you clear terminology to use with athletes/coaches when discussing training.
  • You never want to just train and push hard – you always want to be exactly where you need to be with intensity.
  • The table will provide you with heart rate, stroke rate, approximate speed, lactate values to respect (in some of them one or more of these parameters are not applicable) – always remember you have to respect most if not all of this parameters to be truly in a particular zone. For the future we are working on preparing also a DPS table for your training zones.
  • Deriving from our zones – there is clear and particular methodologies of training and ways of planning we use at TiP.

Don’t forget to download the table with some example sessions for use here.

Read, share and enjoy 🙂

Photo source: Reuters

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