Sprint Paddling Phenomena explained part 4 – Managing the forces

After a short break from our Friday’s technical posts, we continue today with our series about meta-technique for kayakers.

For those who lost the touch with the series, here is how we developed the meta-technique posts:

  • part 1: Introduction to Meta-technique for kayakers
  • part 2: Managing your Paddle
  • part 3: Managing your Boat
  • part 4: Managing the forces

It is a difficult topic and even more difficult to explain only using written words. But for those of you who know how to paddle it will be much easier to understand. In any case, it is not in the basic technique, but in the meta-technique where the fundamentals of very fast paddling are hiding!

Today we discuss the kinetic energies involved in paddling. How to create, increase and adapt the inertia you need to power your boat in a fast and efficient way. Furthermore, we look also into how to optimize the transfer of forces from the blade to the boat. So to find out more read here: Meta-technique for kayakers: part 4 – Managing the forces

You can find all 4 parts of the meta-technique series on our Free Resources page.

 Pic: TiP, lake Most na Soči

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