Lakes buzzing with amazing athletes at the moment

Training in Paradise area seems like the place to be these days. Despite some rain the lakes were buzzing with boats this morning:

  • a big part of the New Zealand rowing team is training on lake Bohinj and some of the crews were smashing race pace pieces today…
  • World and Olympic champ Lisa Carrington and Marty McDowell were doing a longer endurance session
  • Špela Ponomarenko Janić (SLO), Martina Kohlova and Ivana Kmetova (both SVK) were going hard too
  • the canoe club Koninklijke Sobeka from Zwevegem (BEL) with almost 40 athletes is having their annual camp on lake Bohinj
  • a development fun camp for kids run by the Slovenian canoe federation with almost 100 participants is also taking place on lake Bohinj
  • the New Zealand WK4 girls were out in the K4 again on lake Bled today, going hard and probably loud 😉
New Zealand rowing 8 on lake Bohinj

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