Lisa Carrington on the Power of Resilience

Recently a wonderful short documentary about K1 world record holder Lisa Carrington came out. It offers an interesting and deep insight into what made her the incredible athlete and champion she is today. You can find the links to the 4 part documentary below.

In retrospect, we thought to re-share an interview we had with Lisa 6 years ago. It was made at the end of her final preparation camp with us on lake Bled. Just before heading to Milan for the 2015 world championships and winning her then 4th K1 200m title in a row.

..if you find something challenging it is really important to work at it, not go around it. Definitely, I think this is very important for somebody’s growth.

If you read the 2015 interview and watch the 2020 documentary, you will see how the bases for success are in her from very early – but it is the ability to grow and continue to evolve that keeps her on top of her game and going faster all the time.

Click image to watch Lisa Carrington Part 1
Click image to watch Part 2
Click image to watch Part 3
Click image to watch Part 4

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