Designing Paddling Performance: how to prepare a good Conditioning program for Paddlers

Time is flying and this is already the fifth of our Friday technical blog series. In the previous blog we showed you our Strength Training Exercise Types table to help you choose strength exercises according to their purpose.  This time we want to give you the tools to help you decide how much focus do various areas of a paddling conditioning program deserve.

In the PDF document we have prepared for you this time you can learn about:

  • The Performance Pyramids – they help you understand what areas of a balanced development might be holding you back and help you focus on the areas that can unblock your development;
  • The Strength Training Square for Paddlers – this is a model that helps you prioritize among the many areas of athlete conditioning so you can focus on the ones crucial for a paddler

Download the PDF here and enjoy your reading! You might also like to check out the other Free Technical Resources

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