2020 a year in review

For pretty much every paddler we know, 2020 was a difficult year. We hope the virus only affected your training and your racing and didn’t reach your family and friends or seriously affect their health!

In our own little bubble, hidden in the Alps and our work spread between our beautiful 3 lakes, we managed to keep the TiP team quite safe. As well we tried to keep all the TiP athletes safe and offer sessions and training programs that helped them to stay healthy and consistent with their work throughout the lockdowns.

With the extra time we got due to less travelling and fewer paddlers visiting us for coaching, stroke analysis, clinics or camps we tried to push our work concepts and services to the next level on many fields:

  • We started the year rebuilding our website (the variety of the services we provide to kayakers is now clearer, also technical video upload for clients is now direct and easy)
  • We finalised our Free Resources library and started building our TiP Top Library that will be freely accessible to our athletes and a pay-for resource for everyone else. The TiP Top Library will offer a lot of new content and details about exercises, methods and setups we use with our athletes.
  • We have grown our team, experts who joined us are Andrej Potrata (sports therapy), Stefano Vando (posture and coordination specialist), Martin Janžekovič (Olympic weightlifting coach), Luca Malusa (osteopath) and Iñaki Gómez Alonso (coach, physicist, app developer).
  • Made a big effort to design even more productive new Zoom sessions for clients online – after almost a year we can now show lots of technical and physical improvement also with athletes we only ever saw online. And most of all, they do come back for more!
  • Our Kayak Lab (just a very messy workroom really) is running too, and we have produced a lot of new gadgets for land exercises (in cooperation with Soar Ergo, RSP inertial), new and very inventive feedback devices to carry with you in the boat (in cooperation with Andrea Pace and Run Monitor) and always working on new drills and exercises for water work (see our YouTube channel coming soon).
  • And perhaps most importantly: in 2020 more new athletes, clubs and teams decided to use our services and this makes us extremely proud and gives us confidence in what we are trying to build.

Hoping we all meet on the water soon we send you warm regards from the Alps!

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