It all began with paddling and the love for nature.

Training in Paradise is a concept we developed in our company in order to bring amazing nature, great training conditions and top training support to fellow PADDLERS and ROWERS of all levels. We offer you three crystal lakes, three mysterious valleys, three wild rivers forming a triangle with a pristine national park in the middle to train, to experience, to live.


Around here doing sports feels like the most natural thing to do.

Training in Paradise brings training facilities and support into a paradise of stunning nature. Our athletes choose between three different lakes ideal for SPRINT CANOEING, ROWING or SUP or three different rivers ideal for SLALOM, DOWNRIVER and FREESTYLE CANOEING. By adding the know-how, support, experience and modern training methods to this timeless and majestic lakes, we can offer our guests a new level of paddling experience at the location they choose.


Improving your performance is our passion.

Training in Paradise is meant for HIGH PERFORMANCE ATHLETES (teams, clubs and individuals) seeking the extra edge and a new green inspiration as well as for RECREATIONAL ATHLETES looking for Olympic level training support and coaching advice combined with the experience of pristine nature.

In the precompetition period, between the world cup season or like a retreat before the major races in summer we organise TRAINING CAMPS for performance athletes. We organise quality COACHING CLINICS for our recreational single athletes or groups by demand all year round. We also provide in depth TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS for athletes who are stuck in development and COACHING ONLINE for those who need additional coaching.


Find our triangle of unspoiled nature in Europe.

Training in Paradise area is located in North West part of Slovenia, in a hidden corner of unspoiled nature squeezed between Italy, Austria and the Slovenian Alps. We would love you to visit our special triangle of the three magical lakesBled, Bohinj and Most na Soči – with the Triglav national park in the middle.

Training in Paradise is easily accessible by car or train from either Italy (W), Austria (N), Hungary (E) or Croatia (S). If you wish to fly in, there are many airport options for you nearby (Trieste, Venice, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt or Graz).


When does our paradise shine the most.

Experience the hard training in unspoiled nature and you will feel ultimately fulfilled. Summer conditions offer you magnificent lakes and fresh mountain air, autumn mornings bliss in misty fog that rises up to make place for shiny skies, winter temperatures are warmer than in most parts of Europe while the warm spring sun invites you back onto the lakes again.

Kayaking is possible in Paradise all year long, but we prefer to invite you between APRIL and OCTOBER.

Check our website and get to know who we are and what we can offer you. Send us a list of your wishes and needs and we will do our best to arrange it all for you!


Being able to tailor our offer to your requests is what we are proud of.