Weekend reading: Sprint paddling technique with TiP team

Today we are finally publishing in one place all 3 the articles written by TiP biomechanic expert Andrea Pace, shared also by the European Canoe Association. All of them are discussing sprint paddling technique.

If you really want to understand more about the kayak sprint technique you have to take the time and energy to dig deep into the book we use as our blueprint when working with athletes: Complements to the Base Technique in Canoe Kayak: Methods of evaluation (in English and Italian).

If you wanna read an article where Pace briefly explains when, why and how to use our diagnostic tool we call the H-graph, you should read Diagnosis from the race (in English and Italian). Understanding H-graph helps you plot how you use your paddling power.

Whether you are a coach or a K4 paddler and want to know what do the best K4’s in the world do differently from the others, you have to read: Come vincere in K4 (How to win in K4). At the moment only available in Italian, but we are working hard on the English translation 🙂

Sprint kayaking is a very technical discipline so it is important to invest just as much time in understanding technique as into understanding physical training.

Picture author: Andrea Pace

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