Water session examples

Friday’s technical blog is here again and as promised last week we are showing you a list of paddling session examples.

Today’s downloadable document is a simple list of sessions to complement our sprint canoeing Intensity Zones Table. These sessions along with our intensity zones will help you understand better the basics of our training plan design.

Along with the session examples for each of the Intensity Zones you will also find included our 6 basic Technique drills we call the Technique ABC. This is like running ABC’s in athletics that every runner should know. In practice we use a few more groups of drills, but these 6 are the most basic ones we expect our athletes polish to perfection (download here).

Next week we will start discussing and showing you samples of real sessions. These will include:

  • warm up routines – drills, speed ladders and SPD (strokes per distance) check-ups
  • main parts of the sessions –  addressing technical efficiency (according to our technique model) along with physical capacities (according to our methodology and the intensity table)
  • assessment sessions and test sessions.

Make sure to check with us again next week!

Now enjoy your reading, download our material and share 🙂

Foto: Sara Glavina


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