Based on the research and design performed by our team we developed a unique and groundbreaking way of studying and quantifying paddling technique.

Today our coaches are able to provide our visiting clients and those online with an in-depth technique analysis. The way we perform the various steps of our analysis is very unique and was designed and developed by Andrea Pace. We believe we are truly world class in this field – being able to dissect your stroke, compare it to an ideal model, analyse your efficiency, your posture, the biomechanics of your boat and paddle movement, force transmission and much more. Also the hardware and software we use for our analyses is compatible with what Pace uses so a cooperation between us and him is enriching our thought process every day. Check the English version of his book in the ‘Technical resources’ section if you want to learn more about technique.


Our technique analysis has different approaches:

  • stroke efficiency at various paces (H-Graph)

  • race analysis (H-Graph)

  • the basic 9 parameters of your technique at various paces (Step1)

  • individualized technique analysis (Step2)

  • selecting optimal equipment and settings (H-Graph + Step 1&2)

Most importantly: at the end of the analysis we are able to offer you clear and simple instructions about what to work on and how.

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Bridgitte HartleyBridgitte Hartley
K1 500 Olympic Bronze Medalist, South Africa

”I had an intense discussion with TiP coaches regarding my 500m race plan! They gave me the most amazing feedback using my strokerate and boat speed. I found their data very interesting to identify which part of my race I needed to work on and also which part seemed to be working well! It’s such a valuable method to compare myself to my competition through all the data they derive from my race analysis.”

Luca BeccaroLuca Beccaro
Kayak Junior World and European Champion, Italy

”A year ago the team from  TiP showed me this new method of analysing the technique of the stroke. Thanks to this knowledge I could learn how to evaluate my technique errors, how to work on them and thus how to improve myself.”

Anamaria GovorčinovičAnamaria Govorčinovič
U23 World Championship finalist, Croatia

”Technique has a very important role in our sport. With the TiP technique analysis I think I acquired a lot of useful information about my paddling. Things that are good and things I should improve. I trully appreciate that.”

Ron BenjamoRon Benjano
Serving military service, Israel

”The guys at TiP have a secret weapon for making your boat go faster: a unique technique analysis method and their very own diagnostic tools that can make you understand and learn a better technique easier then ever before.”