” I loved it. I didn’t know Bled is such a popular touristic place and didn’t know how pretty it was. Overall, we had a nice accommodation, delicious food and perfect water conditions. Also the whole facility with changing rooms, boat shed and the gym – all in one place – is amazing. You did a good job!”

Lisa Carrington – New Zealand kayaker, double Olympic Champion and 7 times World Champion



”I love Bohinj and the whole area. It is definitely one of the best Mahe Londonplaces in the world i have ever trained at. Moreover, it is very affordable compared to a lot of places we have trained in the past. When we are here for 6 weeks that becomes a big factor. I guess when you get one of the best places to train and it is also affordable, that is the dream scenario.! I think we are very fortunate. In addition, the roads are great here for cycling with a couple of really good climbs. We really enjoy the area. We will definitely be here in Europe next year too. The plan at the moment is to come back here. Kind of once you find a good place… It is not just to say, it really is a perfect scenario, fantastic lake! There is no motor boats, so you have to use electric ones. The length is good. The hotel is perfect, food is really good. We use the gym in Bled. There is so much pluses and nothing we do miss. Every morning it is glassy here. YOu might get wind later on in the afternoon bt it never seems to get rough. It really is awesome. You are very lucky to live here.”

Mahé Drysdale –  New Zealand rower, Double Olympic Champion and 5 times World Champion



”I would recommend Most na Soči  as a fantastic training area for  getting some large miles done. The lake and rivers go for miles with a beautiful country side to dull the pain of hard training and avoiding boredom. The people in the area are fantastic and really looked after us as if we were best of friends. Also the history is amazing and it is close to other lakes and other areas to visit.”
Ian Ferguson – Olympic Champion and former national team coach




“When my team first decided to go train in Slovenia, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was told it was like “training in paradise” but I couldn’t have known how exact this was. Most na Soči was amazing!
A perfect location in the middle of the mountains with lots of space to train without any interruptions, a nice club to train in, good conditions, generous people to help us, great house accommodation and more!”

Laurence Vincent-Lapointe –  Canoeist, 8 times World Champion



”Lake Bled is a stunning training location with a 2km race course.”

Ben Fouhy – New Zealand kayaker, former World Champion and World record holder, Olympic silver medalist



“With so many options where to paddle, beautiful water color and  mountain view all around, every training can becom very fast a great training. I love it when the water is so flat, beautiful and inviting, it really makes me want to go and give it all my best in the session. What strike me most in lake Bled, Bohinj and Most na Soči is how easy I can get myself excited and enthusiastic towards each session.”  
Roei Yellin – Flatwater kayaker from Israel, Olympian, World Championship finalist and world cup medal winner




”I was in the Australian team that trained in Bled in 2005 and I remember it very fondly. We had an excellent training camp here, with great water conditions and very warm weather. The people of Slovenia were very kind and helpful, and they made our stay very worthwhile.  I LOVED Lake Bled – the beautiful scenery made it a pleasure to train, and then recover between training sessions too! I recommend it to anyone and hope one day to get back there too!”

Hannah Davis –  Australian kayaker, Olympic and World Championship medalist



“I spent a fantastic 10 days training at your “Paradise”. It was very effective before my race season this year. The environment is great, the nature surrounding is beautiful and relaxing, the people in your team are very kind and helpful. I would recommend Training Paradise for all the sportsmen and sportswomen as perfect place for training. If I have the possibility I will surely come back.”

Zsóka Csikós – Kayaker, double Junior World Champion



“I really enjoyed my time at Training in Paradise! In the beautiful region of Most na Soči I felt like I could focus on my training and take in the breathtaking views every stroke! We were accommodated perfectly and ready to do our best at Senior Worlds!”

Katie Vincent – Canoeist, U23 & Senior World Champion





”Training in Paradise lived up to the expectations. Lake Bohinj proved to be a fantastic lake to train on with phenomenal surroundings and very friendly and helpfull people. Our group of over 40 people loved every minute of it. Training there was fantastic and will for sure help me get a great result at the marathon Worlds. Thanks again for all the help.”

Tom Cremers – Canoe marathon competitor and coach for Koninklijke Sobeka Canoe club from Zwevegem (BEL)



 ”I visited lake Bled and lake Bohinj and they are amazing. I truly liked them and could feel different good things in the same moment when i was there. As a kayaker i appreciate pure nature a lot, so i have to say that the lakes are a perfect place to paddle. With such nature around i feel so much more realexed, i feel freedom, i feel more focused, motivated and more happy while training. All this is important for us athletes in order to keep a ‘fresh’ head. Kayaking is an outdoor sport and we as kayakers should always cherish every opportunity to paddle in new places and experience new feelings. We should use every chance we meet to to get nature’s energy to help us train harder and better! So i recommend to kayakers to enjoy fully these wonderful lakes!”

Teresa Portela – Portuguese kayaker, Olympian, World Cup race winner, European and World Championship medalist


“I enjoyed everything about Training in Paradise. They were very accommodating and took care of everything for us. All my athletes and I had to do was focus on our final preparations for Senior worlds.”

Jan Kruk – Canadian national team coach



We are happy to be training in Slovenia and the surroundings at lake Bled, nice  atmosphere, good training conditions with calm water, and a landscape that is just astonishing!”

Petteri Pitkänen – Finland national team head coach




Holstebro Roklub, Denmark visited lake Bohinj for the first time Easter 2017, and it will definately not be the the last time we will spend our spring training camp in these beautiful surroundings. Nice crystal water and extremely kind persons wherever we went!”

Hans Ulriksen – Chairman Holstebro Roklub




”It doesn’t matter if you got out of bed on the wrong foot this morning, Most na Soči, the river Soča and its surroundings offer such a beautiful scenery that instantly puts a big smile on your face. The endless posibilities of the river, the mountains and the remote location, away from fast and crazy lifestyle offer you a glimpse of paradise you will gladly return to, again and again. Trust me, you will wish you would never have to leave.”

Gal Jakič – Paraolympian (Torino, Vancouver), adaptive alpine skier and parakayaker, web-designer, motivational speaker



”The epic colour of the Soča is, beside the funny company there, the most beautiful thing in Most na Soči, and even the November’s daily and mystical morning fog over the lovely river was nice to look at especially because it looked so fancy with the morning sun. It’s a pleasure to paddel in the calm nature, even if it was around  freezing temperature at my time there!”

Nicole Rutishauser – Flatwater kayaker from Swizzerland, national team member, junior world championship finalist



”In Most na Soči everything feels very familiar to me. People are friendly and as a training place it is absolutly great. If there is wind (wich is very rarely), there are sure no waves on the lake so you can train any day and at any time. The surroundings are very impressive. If you have time you should do a bike trip or a hike up to one of the mountains around here. But sure the best is the turquoise coloured river Soča, so paddle as much as possible when you’re here!”

Fabio Wyss – Flatwater kayaker, Swiss national champion, and one of the toughest training animals we know



”Most na Soči is a realy nice village in Slovenia! I like this lovely place and all the people there, they are always friendly and helpfull!  You can train there in total peace with nothing disturbing you, wich is really convinient for good quality sessions on a training camp! When you a real paddler you should have a connection with the nature, in Most na Soči you will get a totally new experience with  nature.”

Christian Endl – Flatwater kayaker, Austrian national champion, national team member



”The Soča valley is a perfect place for kayaking (for fun and training, flat and wild water). The water colour is one of the most beautifull I’ve ever seen, and the people are really welcoming and warm.”

Christophe Nicolet – Flatwater kayaker, Swiss national team



”Lo sai quanto mi è piciuto e vorrei far vedere il posto anche a Paula. Bled secondo me, canoisticamente parlando, è uno dei posti migliori per allenarsi! Hai spiga metrata per 2000mt esatti, perimetro grande per fare i lavori lunghi, società di appoggio che non è poco con pontili, hangar e palestra, posti belli per correre e tanta natura! A me è piaciuto tantissimo,poi forse io non ho girato tanto il mondo, ma il posto è perfetto per tutto. Bled è super, forse solo bisogna evitare il periodo freddo!”

Luca Malusà – Italian paddler, national team member (1997-2007), chiropractor



 “We expected the environment to be beautiful but what we experienced was far beyond our imagination. The rest given by the nature and the friendliness of the inhabitants created perfect training circumstances for us.”

Toon Broekx – Neerpeltse Watersport Club, Belgian national team




”Soča is probably one of the most beautiful rivers you can paddle on. It’s just fantastic crystal clear drinking water in combination with perfect rapids for kayaking! You can find any kind of difficulty from class I till class VI, especially in the famous gorge. In summary: it’s a great experience and top class wildwater for fun and training!”
Grehard Schmid – Downriver kayaker from Austria, bronze and silver medalist at World Championships, 2011 Red Bull Dolomitenmann team winner
”According to an opinion pool among rowers, Bled was voted the best spot for rowing in the world. For those of us fortunate enough to know also lake Bohinj and lake Most na Soči, it is clear that this triangle of lakes is a paradise for training!”
Igor Božeglav – Slovenian rower, coach and teacher
‘Bled, Bohinj and Most na Soči are inspiring places. It is three natural jewels in very close proximity. Blue waters, the green of the forrests and the amazing mountains offer infinite possibilities for training camps or family hollidays.”
Leni Fafangel –  Slovenian triathlete, 2008 Olympic triathlon national champion, coach and sports manager today
”For us athletes from the city visiting the area of Training in Paradise is always a time of change and excitement. It is a change of environment, of habits, of the way we deal with and meet people there… On the lakes Bled and Bohinj every session means paddling in an amazing scenery and perfevt conditions, the lake Most na Soči and the river Soča offer a great playground for flat and wild water together, while Trnovo ob Soči is still very close at any moment… But even more than the training conditions that nature offers us here we appreciate the kindness of the local people and their openness. They always take care we don’t miss a thing while visiting. This is why the area of the three lakes and the three valleys is one of my favourite destinations for training and holidays!”
Maks Frančeškin – 2011 Downriver Team Sprint World Champion,
2015 3 times U23 Downriver World Champion