The paddling technique – our definition

In today’s article we have defined what paddling technique is. We know definitions are boring but today we have to introduce to you the terms very important to us: basic technique, the meta-technique and the micro-technique.

All our future technique blogs will discuss paddling on one of these levels. In short: basic technique is the simplified version of paddling and what most of us do well; meta-technique is the hidden cornerstones of paddling that many can see, few understand and only champions do right; while the micro-technique is the little individual secrets the best paddlers use to gain their competitive advantage.

Start today and follow us every Friday to discover how to can make the difference in your own paddling!

Today’s article: Paddling technique – the definition

If you want to learn even more download the book by Andrea Pace: Complements to the Basic technique in Kayak: Methods of Evaluation

Photo: Miljko Lesjak



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