“In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result.”

James Allen



We believe sport is one of many areas of human endeavor. And just like with writing, painting, music or science there are several reasons why sport has to have a place in modern life. By practicing sports we keep our health and develop a kind of sensibility needed to further understand our own body. With sport we slow down the overwhelming and hectic rhythm of modern life and bring it down to a slower pace. By practicing sport we continuously  strive for improvement, better knowledge of ourselves, we learn to live in the present, stay centered and focused while at the same time also relaxed and open minded.

The members of Team Training in Paradise are former elite athletes therefore they have a first hand insight into what it takes to reach top levels in sport.  Through work Team Training in Paradise is also learning what it takes to reach the true satisfaction in sport. Through the achievements of elite athletes humankind discovers what our minds and bodies are capable of. But only from understanding sport in a much larger context we can discover all the benefits it can bring to us. Sport is just a play but if you learn to play it right, you will be also able to play well the game of life!


Knowledge and experience

The biggest asset of our coaching team is their knowledge and experience. Their education (only coaches with at least a university degree are allowed to lead your training program in Paradise), their own studies and work (our coaches are involved in training top athletes on a daily basis and in developing the sports system in our disciplines), their experience is what we are very proud of. This is what makes us special.

During your stay we can’t teach you everything we would like to. We also cannot show you all the hidden gems of our Paradise as we will not have enough time. But we can show you the direction in which to continue at home, we can help you decide what is best for you in training, we can give you the tools to craft yourself into a better paddler. We coach people, not sports!



In Training Paradise we believe in hard work. In our opinion hard work is necessary to achieve anything worth striving for. Therefore we do not believe or even accept any shortcuts that are more and more common in today’s society (doping, cheating etc.). We look for the most straight forward solution to get you where you want to be. But without ever forgetting that miracles do not exist, without forgetting to use a sensible approach and without forgetting that the road to your goal should be memorable too.

In Training Paradise we love the feeling of a job done well. We love to offer a great service and see you satisfied.  Our goal is to make you learn and realize something new and feel empowered possibly after every session with us.



In Training Paradise we work in a special natural environment. A piece of nature unique and still very pristine.  The beauty, the magic and the heritage of this places are astonishing and irreplaceable. We try to use this hidden corner of amazing beauty in order to add even more content and value to your training. But we also want to keep our nature as it is – untouched – for the future generations.