Training plans

TiP offers different coaching packages, depending on your goals, your level and on how much interaction you would like with your coach.

All coaching plans are highly individualized in order  to make sure you reach your goals in a quick, safe and sustainable way. A training plan consists of water sessions, land strength and conditioning sessions and recovery sessions. We communicate with our clients through regular Skype calls and upload everything regarding the training plan on the online based software at


Technique analysis

Technique is at the very base of your paddling performance. We offer also online the technique analysis described in detail on our Technique analysis page. We will ask from you a video of your paddling at different paces taken from a prescribed angle and distance. From this video we can provide you with:

  • stroke efficiency at various paces (Graph-H)

  • the basic 9 parameters of your technique at various paces (Step1)

  • individualized technique analysis (Step2)

  • a list of your technical errors and suggestions for their corrections

With additional videos or stroke rate and boat speed data from your racing we can:

  • help you select optimal equipment and settings

  • provide a detailed race analysis (Graph-H)

Optimizing technique is our speciality at TiP. Andrea Pace is our biomechanicist and technique specialist who will assist our coaches in preparing your technique report. Building a training plan for you starts with your technique report.



Our coaches are respected specialists in the field and besides coaching at high level they also have experience in lecturing and analytics. Besides designing your training plan or analysing your technique we can also:

  • review your current training methods and help you to refine them

  • teach you how to design your own training plans

  • advise you on recovery methods, nutrition, injury prevention

  • review your Strength & Conditioning plans

  • plot your career graph according to LTAD (long term athlete development)

  • perform a needs analysis and help with goal setting


Drop us an email describing what kind of help you are looking for and we will do our best to help you!

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Shyra BalaShrya Bala
High school student, India

”It has definitely been a positive experience with TiP. I got to learn quite a few new things in the short stint we had. The commitment of TiP coaches and dedication to the task on hand (training me) is beyond belief. Once my school exams are over we shall start over again to train and learn more.”

Mikko KarpinnenMikko Karppinen
Mechanical engineer working at CERN, Finland

”As an age grouper coming from other sports, advice from TiP coaches really changed my paddling and the way I train. The training is tailored to your level addressing your specific needs and goals on and off the water. Highly recommended for any ambitious sprint and marathon paddler.”

Ron BenjamoRon Benjano
Serving military service, Israel

”TiP coaches are special coaches. Add their olympic experiences to their knowledge and their personality and they can really take you to your limits. Even if it is from far they support you online as if they were with you in the boat.”

Sašo Taljat - Luka BožičLuka Božič
C2 slalom World Champion, C1 slalom U23 world champion, 2 time Olympian

”It has been now 5 years I trust in TiP coaches for our dryland conditioning program. I really like the way they work, how we implement new ideas into my program every season and how thoughtful they are. Dryland conditioning is a very important part of my training and the coaches at TiP always make sure I get to the main part of the competitive season in the best possible shape. Often due to my travels to training camps and races we communicate online for whole weeks at a time.”