We organise individual and group coaching clinics for sprint kayak, rowing and stand up paddling athletes of different levels. We have only highly certified coaches for all three disciplines. Both kayaking and rowing coaches are also Olympians with extensive knowledge and experience in their field.


1) You start by choosing the lake you would prefer to stay at and we organise the boat, the accommodation and anything else you may need for your pleasant stay.

2) Then we agree on how we will work during your visit. Often guests love to have a big morning schedule and have free time to explore their chosen destination in the afternoon. Sometimes we work one on one in the morning and help our clients join local training groups or clubs in the afternoon.  Or you can come for a real vacation and only throw in a few sessions with us.

3) Finally we decide together which of the following areas you want to work on:


Assessment – finding what do we need to work on.

  • strengths and weaknesses

  • needs assessment, possible areas of improvement

  • limitations and injuries

Technique analysis – helping you become faster and more efficient, enjoy paddling more and stay injury free.

  • stroke efficiency at various paces (H-Graph)

  • the basic 9 parameters of your technique at various paces (Step1)

  • individualized technique analysis (Step2)

  • selecting optimal equipment and settings

  • race analysis (H-Graph)

On water training – on water work with you in the boat.

  • technique, balance, coordination drills

  • efficiency training protocols

  • endurance training

  • speed and power training

  • race pace training

Strength and conditioning – to support your paddling.

  • types of strength training, individual exercises selection, strength exercises technique

  • specific mobility

  • core strength, balance and coordination applied to paddling technique

Knowledge sharing – teaching you everything you need to know to train well at home.

  • Taking care of your engine – sports nutrition, prehab exercises, recovery procedures, warm up routines, mobility work

  • Taking care of your mind – motivation, focus, toughness, goal setting, senzorization, relaxation practices

  • Planning your work – periodization, goal setting

  • Designing your work – training zones, training means, exercise progression

  • Controlling your work – monitoring performance, monitoring technique, use of modern technology

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Dejan FabčičDejan Fabčič
European paracanoe Championships bronze, Rio Paraolympics 7th place

”TiP coaches helped me since the beginning of the Rio Paraolympics project. Their knowledge and experience was evident from the start. But only when we had to start adapting the equipment, the training program and the goals to my specific needs of a parakayaker it became obvious how good they were. Having such a strong team of experts behind me helped me shape myself from an Olympic swimmer into an Olympic kayaker and built my confidence too. I believe it is because of them I was optimally ready in Rio Olympics!”

josephJoseph Rosenfeld
High school student, Great Britain

”The place is incredible! It’s so beautiful and the water is so clear… It’s amazing to be able to drink from the lake whilst you are training! The coaching is intense but extremely helpful. I learnt so much and I can’t wait to go back again soon!”

Yasuhiro SuzukiYasuhiro Suzuki
Private entrepeneur, Japan

‘’I’ve never seen so clean lakes in Japan. Most na Soči, Bled & Bohinj are super nice places. I want to visit Slovenia one more time in my life. In 2011, I train with TiP coaches for the Asian continental Olympic qualification. They have an extensive knowledge about canoeing and have thought me so much. Thank you!”

Joel TanJoel Tan
Mechanical engineer, Singapore

”Most na Soči is a lovely small village right next to the water. The prefect balance of training and some country peace and quiet. Seems paddling is an international language. The coaching was easy to understand and relate to. Excellent advice for both technique and development.”